Explore Your Options for the Perfect Web Service Now

You want to create your website but you do not know exactly what the legal mentions to follow are and the formalities to perform? Here are the tips for projecting the image of a quality site in accordance with the regulations.    With the right web services the deals come perfect.

Know when to start a business to launch your website

  • Before looking at the examples of legal notices that should appear on your website, it is important to know if you are obliged to start a business.
  • In principle, no legal status is required to launch a website. You can completely create a site as an individual. It could be a blog, an informative site or the website of your association.
  • On the other hand, if sales are made through the site, then it is mandatory to start your business. It will be necessary then to choose your legal form and to carry out the necessary formalities. The status of auto-entrepreneur can be interesting to test an activity. It is necessary for you to launch quickly, but you will be however rather quickly limited in term of turnover. You can alternatively opt for SASU or EURL if you are alone or SAS or SARL if you are several partners. Of course, it is essential to choose the status that best suits the needs of your site project.

Reserve your domain name

You must then reserve your domain name, in other words your web address. Be careful that the domain name you choose is not a registered trademark. It is better to check this beforehand, especially through an anticipation search. Once chosen, you must reserve your domain name with a registrar or domain name registry in order to use it. It is also recommended to also protect it by filing your trademark with the INPI. You will then be able to pursue a counterfeiter more effectively.

Find the right providers to create and host your website

If you are not able to create your own website, you can call on a web developer. As part of a service contract, it will create the visible part of your website (the “front end”) and its workings and features (the “back end”)

You must then choose your host. This is a company providing a server connected to the Internet. It is recommended to choose a professional web host, which will guarantee you a quality and secure service. Nevertheless, if you want to start a blog or a non-commercial site, you can consider a free web host. The contact details of the host should in this case be mentioned on your website, these are part of the mandatoryinformation.

Information about the site managers: name, surname, home and telephone number of natural persons, or if it is a company, its name, its registered office, its telephone number and possibly its number d registration in the RCS or trade register.

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