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Making a website is now easier than ever.But bring in visitors and customers? That is a completely different story. Many entrepreneurs struggle with online visibility and never really get their website off the ground.

Pay attention! Making visitors actually a customer is another branch of sport:

  • How do you ensure that you are easy to find on the internet?
  • And that your website attracts new visitors and customers every month?

That is possible with SEO. A method to optimize your website for search engines, so you can be found on the search terms you want to be found on.For example, if you are an accountant in Amsterdam, then you want to be in the top 10 in Google of relevant searches.

Someone searches Google for “bookkeeper Amsterdam”, sees your website and takes the phone to make an appointment. A website that is easy to find online provides your visitors and customers.

SEO is not difficult at all and you can get started quickly. On the internet you can also find a lot of information about SEO. The Citation Ranker also offers a great deal of support here now.

The problem is that with all that information you sometimes cannot see the forest through the trees. Or that you start with things that take a lot of time, but yield little returns.

Start at the beginning and do the keyword research

The keyword search is always the first and most important step of your SEO campaign.You investigate which keywords your customers use to find your website. Note: a “keyword” does not mean that it is only one word.In fact, longer searches that consist of multiple words are often the most interesting. A better term would therefore be “search” or “search phrase”.But in the SEO world, we always talk about “keywords”, so I’ll just join in with that.

We return to our accountant in Amsterdam. Which keywords would be interesting for him?

A keyword like “bookkeeper” is very common and popular. According to my keyword tool, no fewer than 2,850 people search for “bookkeeper” every month in Google. At the same time, that also means that there is a lot of competition.With such a general search term there are many (strong) websites that we should defeat. This will make it difficult to score on this keyword.

Keyword research bookkeeper

A better option would be for example “zzpboekhouder Amsterdam”. There are fewer people searching (260 per month), but the competition is also a lot less.

We use this search term a better chance to get high in Google.Moreover, this search term is already pretty specific and that is favorable. Someone who searches for “bookkeeper” in Google may not be looking for an accountant in Amsterdam at all.

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